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They are lost for whom the pursuit of beauty is folly. For beauty is not peripheral, it is primordial organic good.

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Selected works

A tangible AR interface for Creative coding

Stic Stac Code blocks is a creative coding platform that let children create their own stories, music, art and games in augmented reality (AR) Read more

Design in Education| Tangible play

Spatial tasking on Microsoft HoloLense

Over a 3 months corporate research project, I had an opportunity to design an assitive task mangement interface for Daimler.
Read more

UX Development | Prototype

Transforming digital
payments through Zeta

We built Zeta - an award winning digital payment platform with more than 1.9 million user base and 10,000K transactions/month.

Some of the work as case studies:     
Emotional design/Engagement in Digital Payments
Zeta on Web     
* Other UX works on Dribbble

User Experience | Digital Design | Payments

Your incredible
personal bot

How would a social robot help achieve your daily goals and keep emotional stability?  Read more

User Research | Product Design | Tangible Chat Bot

How much screen time?

The invention of graphical user interface has made us consent to increased screen-time for productive goals as well as distracting activities. This concept explores ambient display of one’s daily screen time to drive positive behaviour change. Read more

Ambient displays | Information Visualisation

Just one ecosysytem for all your files

Klono is a simplified file management application  for cross-platform cloud storages and wifi enabled SD devices. Read more
User Experience | Branding


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