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They are lost for whom the pursuit of beauty is folly. For beauty is not peripheral, it is primordial organic good.

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Selected works

Storytelling with Stic Stac

Stic Stac is a storymaking tool that allows children to create unique stories in augmented reality. Its semi-automatic behaviours allow the story simulations to evolve open-endedly, thus creating surprise and variable reward. Read more

Augmented reality | Artificial Intelligence | Tangible play

Your daily
tangible screen-time

With the dawn of information age, we are overloaded with terminal-screens leading to increased screen-time on various important and distracting activities. This project displays a possiblity of ambiently visualising your daily screen time to drive positive behaviour change. Read more

Information Visualisation | Design Concept

We built Zeta with love! ♥️

We built Zeta from the ground up, now an award winning digital payment platform. In Aug 2017(the time I left), the product recorded 500k+ downloads, 2,000K transactions/month and 4.2 Android appstore rating.

My work as case studies:     
Emotional design/Engagement in Digital Payments
Zeta on Web     
* Other works on Dribbble

User Experience | Digital Design | Payments

Using ML-agent in Space invaders game

Created a reinforcement learning environment to train the agent to kill all the invaders in the shortest possible time.
Case study coming out soon!

Machine Learning | Game Design

Titan social impact awards 

Effectivism is advocated as a design movement that supports efficient and sustainable design for social change. I was part of the design and film team for the social impact awards. Also, the lead actor. Know more about the event

Your incredible
personal bot

Constant distractions? Low motivation? Information anxiety? or Ineffective routine? This case study looks into the productivity problems of few of my collegues and propose a solution using personal assitant technology. Read more

User Research | Product Design | Tangible Chat Bot

I’m Zeppeppers

Contributing funny and quirky ideas on Instagram.
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Photography | Graphic design | Illustration


Some of my old works in UX/UI, branding, print and film design on
Behance & Dribbble

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