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Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, 2018

Hey, I’m Sharang Sharma 👋

I love to create fun and harmonious designs that bring order to complexity. Knowledge, conscientiousness towards work and commitment to quality are the values I believe in. I have  educational background in design engineering and media arts from India and Germany respectively. Thus, I love looking at problems both functionally and aesthetically. Albert Einstien is my one of my idols because he came up with a mad science fictional theory (General theory of relativity). Importantly, he persevered hard for more than 10 years against all odds to prove it.  Morever, after you go into the details (Please do if you havn’t) you would indeed realise that Imagination is more important than knowledge. Apart form creative endeavours, I love longboarding, mountaineering and bouldering.

If you like to say Hej! or share anything interesting, please feel free to catch me on


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© Sharang Sharma 2018

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