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Stic-Stac: A creative coding kit for children

Sharang Sharma
Prof. Tanja Diezmann, Prof. Heidi Schelhowe
M.A Digital Media, The University of the Arts, Bremen, German

(Updated June 2019)

Stories play an intrinsic part of our lives, society and culture. We all make and tell stories to connect to others, share our emotions and express ourselves. Children use simple media like pen/paper or wooden blocks to sophisticated online softwares or electronic toys like Lego mindstorms to imagine and create stories. Storytelling fosters positive role in child’s physical and cognitive development. Stic Stac is a storymaking tool that allows children to create unique stories in augmented reality by using tangible blocks.  

Target age group: 8-13 years
Target personality: Builders, Creatives, Storytellers, Self expression

This project is Work in Progress at Digital Media in Education group at the Universitat Bremen and the University of the Arts Bremen, Germany.

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