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My bookshelf 

Last updated Dec 2018
Every non-fiction is wisdom and every fiction is imagination.

Architectural Intelligence
A City is Not a Tree
The Timeless way of Building

Creative Schools
Out of our Minds
Creative Confidence

Digital Media & UX
Active Matter
Best Interface is no Interface
Change by Design
Child Computer Interactions
Design as Art
Design of Everyday Things
Designing Sociable Robots
Desinging with mind in mind
Face 4: Essentials of Interaction Design
Form and Code in Design, Art and Architecture
Hooke: How to build habit forming products
Mindstorms: Child, Computers & Powerful Ideas
Seductive Interaction Design
Speculative Everythin: Design, Fiction & Social dreaming
The Children’s Machine
Universal Principles of design

Game Design
Art of Game Design
Chris Crawford on on interactive storytelling
Game design workshop
Hamlet on the holodeck

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Solitude, Return to the self
The Red Queen
Thinking fast & slow

A Brief History of Time
Black Swan: The impact of highly improbable
Evolution of everything
Glimpses of World History
Man Search for Meaning
My Experiments with Truth
The Story of Philosophy

Some of fiction works I read recently and remember reading. 

100 years of solitude
Einstien’s Dream
Into the Wild
The White Castle
Most of Thomas Hardy’s works, Favourtie (Far from the Madding Crowd)
Most of D.H Lawerence’s works, Favourtie (Fox)
Most of George Orwell’s works, Favourtie (Animal Farm)
Most of Charles Dicken’s works

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