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Augmented imagery and crowd-sourced commentary based navigation 

Scientific Paper: In the vast majority of instances mobile navigation applications have become indispensable for navigating. We designed an augmented imagery and crowd-sourced commentary based navigation system that.... Read more

Storytelling tools in Child Computer Interaction

Essay: Designing new interactive technologies with storytelling themes could play a positive role in child’s physical and cognitive development. This article explores two exciting concept ideas using augmented reality and programmable material technologies. Read more

Cybernetics in Architecture

Essay: This essay briefly describes the development and relevance of cybernetics in Architecture. How the two prominent architects -Christopher Alexander and Cedric Price, influenced the digital and physical landscape we live in today.  Read more

My view of history, theory, and practice of Digital Media

Essay: In this essay, I talk about the properites that differentiate digital media fom the old and my practice of digital media. Read more

Emotional design in Digital payments

Article: Building a long-term meaningful retention is much more than usability. It involves repetitive cycles of rewarding interactions to inculcate long term meaningful engagements. Read more

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